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Letek & Co Industrial Antiques and Interiors

Medical or apothecary cabinet RUSTED VINTAGE

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This enamelled heavy-duty steel medical cabinet from the 1960s features toughened glass windows and shelves, with a European origin. Now used to display items in the kitchen or retail settings, or in the bedroom for trending transparent storage, this unit is ideal for industrial-themed offices and bathrooms. Internally, the cabinet has three glass shelves and the capacity for more, with dozens of fittings for either glass or wooden shelves.

Designer: unknown
Producer/Origin: Poland
Year: 1960s
Measurements:60cm (w) x 170cm (h) x 35cm (d)
Weight: +60kg
Materials: steel/glass/cast iron
Color: rust/brick red

This unit has been compleetly stripped manualy from several layers of paint, and then covered with amazing oxydation process ( rust ) developed in house at Letek&Co. Then when patina reached its glory, we have covered it with special matt laquer to protect the surface. It was than waxed. 

Glass doors has been changed to perforated steel. Interior has been painted with chalk brick red paint to compleet the look. 

There are signs of years of wear.
All of our items will show signs of patina and cosmetic or/and industrial wear, this we believe is what gives our products their unique charm